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Where to Buy Chaga

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If you're not already familiar with the benefits of chaga, please check out all the other pages on this site where we cover everything you need to know about chaga.

However, if you are already familiar with chaga, and you're looking to purchase some online, you're in the right place! Read on for all the critical info you need to know when buying chaga...

The Basics of Buying Chaga

There are many products and suppliers where you can buy Chaga from today, so the choice can become overwhelming. The aim of this guide is to help you make educated decisions and buy chaga products that fit your needs and budget. 

There are three main product groups when it comes to chaga for sale; Raw Powder/Tea Bags, Dual Extract (either in capsule, tablet or powder form) and Dried Chunks.

Let's go through each group so that you can make better decisions when you buy chaga online:

Snap Review: Top 3 Chaga Products



Our Rating

sayan chaga extract

Dual Extract

Four Sigmatic Chaga Mushroom Elixir

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Instant Tea Bags

sayan raw chaga chunks

Dried Chunks

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Chaga Product Groups

There are three main chaga product groups, and each one is described in detail below:

Dual Extract

The major advantage of Chaga Extract over other forms of chaga is that you receive all the healthy benefits of BOTH the water-soluble AND non-water soluble bioactive ingredients. With Raw Powder/Tea Bags and Dried Chunks, you can only get the water-soluble ingredients.

Here you should be looking for a genuine dual extract, either in its powder, capsule or tablet form. 

Dual extract is based upon the double extraction method, which extracts both the water-soluble and non-water-soluble bioactive ingredients of chaga.

For this reason, you will notice that genuine dual extract is much more expensive than raw/unprocessed chaga, due to the sophisticated methods required to extract all of the bioactive ingredients.

For more information about dual extracts, check out our guide to Chaga Supplements.

The double extraction method typically uses high temperatures combined with high pressure and hot ethanol to extract the bioactive ingredients. This method extracts the non-water-soluble bioactive ingredients, such as betulinic acid and phytosterols that hot water extraction (e.g. chaga tea) alone cannot do.

For more information about chaga's key ingredients, check out our Chaga Antioxidants and Key Ingredients post.

One key metric in determining the antioxidant potency of the chaga is by looking at the ORAC score. See ORAC note at the bottom of this post for more details.

Raw Powder/Tea Bags

Chaga powder is simply chunks ground down, and in some cases with extra ingredients added such as birch bark and oregano.

The powder can be used to make chaga tea (via loose tea or tea bags) or a tincture. See our How to Prepare Chaga or Chaga Recipes posts for more info.

When ​looking for raw chaga powder/tea bags, try to buy products that contain some dual extract.

You may also want to consider products that have been mixed with other beneficial ingredients such as siberian ginseng, mint or rose hip. Not only do these extra ingredients add nutrition, they can also make the tea taste much better, as some people find the taste of pure chaga tea a little too 'earthy'.

Dried Chunks

Chunks are just raw harvested chaga broken into chunks and then dried. Dried chunks can be used to make chaga tea or a tincture. Look out for genuine raw chaga, and avoid any processed chaga.

Where To Buy Chaga: Top 3 Products

So now that you understand the different types of chaga products and what to look for in each one, lets go through our favorite three chaga products. After we've gone through all three, you'll find a comparison table that compares the key points of each one.

1. Sayan Chaga Extract ​

sayan chaga extract

At first glance it appears much more expensive to buy genuine chaga extracts. However, when you actually compare the therapeutic potency dollar for dollar with other forms of chaga, you often end up getting more 'bang for your buck'. They also save you a lot of prep time when compared with raw chunks.

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2. FOUR SIGMATIC Chaga Elixir Mix

Dual extracted tea bags for making quick & easy chaga tea when you don't have time for steeping raw chunks or grinding them into powder. They also taste great and include organic ginseng, rose hip and peppermint.

There are plenty of chaga tea brands out there, but we find these guys to be the best, as they really know there stuff and care deeply about medicinal mushrooms.

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3. Sayan Raw Chaga Chunks

sayan raw chaga chunks

High quality dried chaga chunks. Great for making chaga tea or tincture.

However, as with all raw chaga chunks, they require at least an hour to steep if you want to extract all the water soluble ingredients.

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Comparison Table

The table below gives you some key facts at a glance. To learn more, click the orange links.



Harvested From

Quantity (oz)

ORAC Score



Siberia, Russia






Siberia, Russia





Siberia, Russia




How The List Was Chosen

The list and table above were designed to help you buy chaga products that offer the best value for money. With that goal in mind, we have compiled our top 3 chaga products (one for each type) and listed them in order of preference, along with customer reviews.

We also listed all the key details you should be aware of when you buy chaga products, namely; Quantity and Quality (reviews and ORAC rating if available).

When looking to buy chaga products, especially extracts, remember to review the supplements facts label as this provides the true value of the product when compared with the price and quantity.

Note that we've expressed the quantity in ounces even when the product lists the number of capsules instead of weight. Here we've just multiplied the number of capsules by the mg per capsule and then converted it to ounces.

Notes About ORAC

When you're looking to buy chaga extract, one of the most important values to understand is the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbent Capacity) score. This is the antioxidant potency of the chaga.

The ORAC-score depends on where the chaga was harvested, the conditions where it grew and how it has been processed (the extraction method employed).

As the antioxidant level is very important, you must take this value into consideration when comparing chaga products. For example, it may seem like one product has more value than another until you factor in the ORAC score.

Chaga extract, especially high quality genuine dual extract, has a much higher ORAC score than chaga tea (chaga that’s just been processed using the hot water extraction method).

Many suppliers don't provide this score because it's expensive to test and/or their score is much lower than their competitors.

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