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What makes a good Chaga Supplement?

Are you looking for a great Chaga Supplement? If so, pay close attention to the bioactive ingredients included, and their bioavailability (the body’s ability to absorb the ingredient).After much research over the years, we now know that the bioactive components of chaga include; beta-glucans (specific type of polysaccharides), polyphenols,phyto-sterols and triterpenes. For more on Chaga’s […]

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Chaga Tincture vs Chaga Tea

If you are new to the world of chaga, you may wonder what the best way to consume the mushroom is in order to reap the most benefits. Chaga Tea and Chaga Tincture are two of the most popular methods, and each can be made at home, using simple ingredients.Note: If you’re simply looking to […]

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7 Delicious Chaga Mushroom Recipes

Chaga mushroom recipes are growing in popularity as chaga has become a popular ingredient in vegan and clean eating diets, as well as natural and alternative healing. Once you have mastered the art of steeping the perfect cup of chaga tea, you can expand your repertoire to include a variety of different drinks and snacks. Here […]

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How To Prepare Chaga Tea and Tincture

FREE DOWNLOAD: Chaga Recipes eBook – Contains 11 Delicious Chaga Mushroom Recipes (click to download) As you will read in our Chaga Health Benefits post, chaga contains many healthy bioactive ingredients that can improve our overall health. But how do we prepare chaga to get the most from it and extract and consume all these […]

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Chaga Recipes: Our Favorite Five

Below are my favorite chaga recipes for you to try and enjoy at home. Before you get started, you will obviously need some chaga to begin with. If you plan on buying some, please click here to check out our Buying Guide. Alternatively, if you plan on harvesting your own, please check out our Harvest […]

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