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About Chaga HQ

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Chaga HQ is the leading online source for the latest information, studies, recipes and news about the chaga mushroom. Our aim is to become the ultimate chaga resource, connecting visitors with the truth about the power and effectiveness of the mushroom.

As an independently owned and curated website, Chaga HQ is different from many of the other sites out there. Much of the health information available online is presented by the same sources. These outlets are often run by pharmaceutical companies, looking to promote their own drugs and products. As a result, consumers can be lead to believe that pharmaceuticals are more effective than natural or homeopathic remedies. This is not always the case, as some natural plant based remedies have worked for centuries, long before the creation of some drugs.

Chaga HQ aims to bring out the facts and information about the king of medicinal mushrooms. Clinical research and studies, as well as antecdotal evidence, show that chaga is helpful for the prevention and treatment of many types of diseases. Plus the mushroom has been popular in many types of traditional medicine across Russia, China, Korea and Japan. In these countries, chaga supplements are often taken as a form of cancer prevention and treatment.

In addition to the numerous health benefits of drinking chaga tea, it can also act as a tasty, caffeiene free alternative to regular teas, which typically have a high caffeine content. Of course, the ground powder of chaga can be used for much more than just tea. Chaga can be a great addition to lattes and smoothies, soups and stews.

By offering readers high quality, fact based content about chaga and its properties, along with links to unbiased and reliable information on other sites, Chaga HQ hopes to help anyone interested in this powerful, natural mushroom find the information they are seeking.

To contact Chaga HQ with questions, comments or suggestions of what you’d like to see on the site, visit our contact page. You can also follow us on Facebook, PinterestTwitter,  or Instagram.